In the past few years, artists and cultural agents have started to claim a place in the public debate about social, environmental and political issues, arguing that artists have an active role to play in society and that artistic creation offers a valid source of knowledge and experience. Thematic approaches to artistic creation have, once again, come to the foreground in contemporary performing arts and moulded a new paradigm that sometimes is being referred to as the new Reality Trend in the arts. Evident examples are, for instance, much of the politically engaged theatre that is being made today or the notable surge of documentary theatre.

The network HOUSE on FIRE includes ten European theatres and festivals that, in recent years, have shown an active interest or  even  have played a central role in the development of  this new paradigm. Indeed, the partners of HOUSE on FIRE pursue an international programming and co-production policy, based on the conviction that the arts have an essential role to play both in the communication between people and in the development of thought and debate about problems and challenges that our societies and the world are facing.

HOUSE on FIRE sets out to realize the following activities:
Co-production and presentation of performing arts productions that have the ambition to make a contribution to the critical debate of issues on the political and social agenda (an artist-led approach);
– Organisation of multidisciplinary thematic projects, realized in close collaboration with Associated Partners from universities and civil society from all over Europe (a curator’s approach);
– Publication of a series of five copy-books, dedicated to thematic approaches in the performing arts (a theoretic approach).

HOUSE on FIRE is supported by individual partners and the Culture Program of the European Union (2007-2013). More info about the Program on the European Commission website